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Existing Customer

Issues related with existing customer

1 Answers
  1. 1. Select existing policy holder

  2. 2. Enter an existing reg number for the customer

  3. 3. Page will display customer record. But you will proceed to supply the additional vehicle

  4. 4. You click on proceed after filling the form and preview

  5. 5. Enter Pin number and select a proposed policy start date to complete transcation


Questions related to premium

2 Answers
It is the amount you pay either weekly or monthly (Monthly must be a minimum of N5,000.00).
It is the amount of money you are paying immediately as you collect and sign the form. It could be for a month or additional months.


Questions related to terms/duration

1 Answers
This policy is a one-year policy.

Mode of Payment

Questions related to mode of payment

1 Answers
You either pay by cheque or by transfer.